10 Tips How to Find Motivation in Challenging Times


When you feel broken and depressed, your motivation fades away. You need to stay tuned, but you cannot even find enough strength to do your morning routine. These periods of decay happen from time to time, but your work or everyday life does not presuppose free time for suffering and doing nothing.

Negative thoughts kill all intentions, destroy your positive attitude and lead to the lack of productivity. However, these are several effective methods that will help you get rid of negativism in your life and turn to normal activity. Here are 10 motivation tips effective for overcoming challenging times. Use them wisely, and you will beat any emotional decay!

  1. Healthy life

Your health is a key to staying strong and motivated. When you do not consume enough vitamins and nutrients, you become weaker and cannot accomplish the same work. If you do not move enough, you feel physically broken and your body becomes tough and tired. To enhance your health, make sure that you sleep enough (at least 7 hours per day), eat healthy food (forget about hamburgers from McDonalds!), drink enough water (at least 8 glasses per day) and move enough.

  1. Daily meditation

Meditation is a simple and effective way to calm down and clear the mind. If you feel irritated, lose focus, and cannot find a reason to keep working, just take 20-minutes pause for meditation. While meditating, do not think about the problems. Concentrate on using breathing techniques and keep filling your lungs with oxygen.

  1. Create a plan for changing the current state

To break a vicious circle, you need to develop a plan that will indicate your actions. You can keep worrying but you can also look for the solutions of your problems. The most effective way is to write down all the challenges, possible ways of solving them and create a roadmap of the achievements you need to completely change the current situation.

  1. Be grateful to yourself

Everyone has a right to mistake, and you are not the exception. Never blame yourself for making mistakes. Appreciate yourself for what you have accomplished, even if your decisions led to the failure. Be grateful for the experience you receive and learn from the mistakes.

  1. Find inspiration in music

Music cures your heart, soul, and mind. When you are irritated or tired, turn on some classic symphonies and listen to them. Melody and rhythm help relax, wake you your emotions, and feel connected to the outer world. Moreover, music helps forget the problems and open yourself to a new experience. For many people, music is the best way to find inspiration.

Moreover, there is a notion of music therapy. The curative effect of melodies has been noticed long ago, and today it has popularity in psychology. It has two main advantages: it provides a quick effect and this effect lasts when the music is turned off.

  1. Find people who support you

Every person needs a support. When you have people who are always by your side, you are capable of everything. All your challenges are nothing when friends tell you that you can easily overcome any problem and fix any mistake. Make sure that you have people who are ready to keep you positive throughout all life situations. Perhaps, these people are your family or friends – you need to trust them and believe that everything they say it true.

  1. Learn to be a part of nature

Today, we rarely spend time alone with nature. Nature can help find your place in this world, refreshes your mind and allows to experience unexpected pleasure from observing the ocean or the mountains. Find some time to leave the city and go to some place where nature is the queen. Walk through the forest or just sit at the coast side watching the waves. This is a simple and effective form of meditation and relaxing that makes all challenges unimportant and small.

  1. Write down your thoughts

Writing is the best way to systematize your life. Write down everything that bothers you, note things that make you feel happy, put your experience on paper, and document your achievements. Make writing your daily routine. Although it may be challenging sometimes, it helps reflect your inner state and control the situation when you feel broken and disappointed.

  1. Get rid of negative thoughts

Every life situation may become worse with your negative thoughts. If you keep telling yourself that you are worthless, you start to believe that. Do not allow yourself thinking negatively, as you start to believe what you think. If you are surrounded with negative people, leave them. As we have previously mentioned, you need to find supportive people who will inspire you to overcome your problems, not those who make you think that you can do nothing.

  1. Establish proper goals

Life challenges help define what you really appreciate in your life. When you lose something, you understand whether you really need it or not. Thus, you can establish proper goals for the further life. Overcoming the challenges, you raise your confidence, find new approaches to fixing your mistakes, and discover your secret powers.

There is a saying ‘What does not kill you makes you stronger’. Apply this saying to the challenges that occur in your life, find motivation for overcoming them and keep enjoying your life. Always remember the ways that help stay motivated and support you in any situation!

Richard Nolan is a blogger and a private tutor, sharing his experience in spheres of  blogging, self-growth, and psychology. Nowadays he writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers, students, and teachers. Also, Richard works as a half-time writer and blog editor.


  1. Love your tips Prerna! as a newbie entrepreneur, I am going through this phase and your tips are bang on! esp #1. I couldn’t have done it if I didn’t have my band of fellow entrepreneurs cheering me on. & #4 is what is really helping me stay motivated.


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