13 Simple Stress-Reducing Techniques to Improve Your Life


We’ve all had one of those days. Those days where our same walk to work feels a lot longer than the usual, when you don’t even have the time to grab your morning coffee, and when you’re twice as (mentally, physically and emotionally) exhausted today than you felt yesterday. You know, one of those days?

Stress lurks on us daily and we know it. The problem is we do little to nothing to conquer it; we let it get the best out of us. It has great implications both on our mental and physical health.

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Take a day off to work on you. Spend time developing new habits and routines that inspire you and drive you towards a happier life. In this post, I’m sharing with you 13 simple ways to impHere are small yet beneficial ways you can do as soon as now to improve your daily life.

Make your bed when you wake up. How hard is it really to make your bed once you get up? Fold your blanket and place your pillows—it would only take you two minutes or four to do it. Plus, fixing your bed right after you get up calls for a productive day.

Pick up a book and read. Stir away from all the digital chaos and go back to the old way of satisfying your reading needs—newspapers, magazines, and books.

You spend most of your time with your smartphone at hand, give your eyes a break from your screen, away from social media, and switch to flipping pages. When was the last time you finished a book? Take out your book haul and carry one book every day, read a page or more a day until you finish it. Do this when you’re in the subway train, waiting for a friend to arrive, or during your breaks.

Organize and declutter. Why do you need this, you ask? Because decluttering and reorganizing your space, whether at work or at home, lifts a weight on your shoulders you didn’t think you had—both figuratively and literally. Get rid of all the mess and anything you no longer use. It’s a fascinating sight—a neat workspace or kitchen—every person would want to go to work or come home to.   

Gossip less. Quite frankly, how beneficial is gossiping to you? It doesn’t help you in any way so you might as well refrain from doing it since it’s only detrimental to your well-being and relationship with other people. When something’s close to coming out of your mouth, simply pause and think of another subject.

Break a sweat. Make time for working your body out, releasing all the stress from work and improving your physical being. Whether it be through going to the gym, running, basketball, walking to/from work—make sure you stay active especially if your work restrains you to your seat 8 hours or more daily.

Complain less, find more solutions. Stop complaining, instead, find solutions. We understand that you need to let out a long rant from time to time, to let go of it all. But if you constantly complain about things for complaining’s sake, you’re not helping anyone but only instilling negativity in you and to others.

Complaining won’t fix anything. You need to find solutions for it and if there aren’t any, then it is clearly out of your control and you need to find help.

Learn something new. Learning something new or trying out things you’ve never done before—or always wanted to but never had the time—is what puts spice up in our lives. We get excited doing these things and adapting new skills and knowledge add value to our well-being.

Smile more. We know you have bad days and good days, but so does other people. Learn to handle these days and practice displaying a bright and genuine smile on your face. If you train your mind to counter the bad vibes, that feeling goes away. Smiling helps you lighten your mood and that of others.

Be optimistic. Having a positive mindset to tackle on the day can make you more healthy. Besides, optimism helps immeasurably at work and to your general well-being. So, let go of the negativity and leave it all behind.

Stop comparing yourself to others. First off, there’s no reason and basis for comparison. Second, you’re different as they are. Third, comparing yourself/your success with others makes no sense. The list goes on but the bottom line is: embrace your individuality and your own achievements.

Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is one of the factors that leaves us low on energy and motivation. It also gives the effect of feeling constantly tired and ill.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you’d feel more irritated, annoyed, and less cheerful that you normally are. It also causes you to make decisions you’d rather not make with a clear head. If you have vacant time, take a power nap. It should help boost your alert level and peace of mind. Whenever you have the opportunity, get enough sleep. It’s what your body and spirit needs.

Take a break. Most important of all, take a break from your desk, your daily tasks, from your smartphone and laptop, and from your daily life. This “break” clears your head which helps in focusing on tasks and getting other things done.

Make time for yourself. Go and make time for the things you love doing. When you have the time and when your mind and body yearns for it: spend a day at the beach, go on a tour at a museum by yourself, go people watching, eat at a fancy restaurant—treat yourself. Enjoy learning new things, finding out new interests, and just simply making time for yourself.

What are some other small things we should do every day that will help improve our lives?


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