5 Essential Skills to Build an Appealing Personality

5 Essential Skills to Build an Appealing Personality

An appealing personality is crucial in building a successful business, getting a job, making friends and even finding a lifetime partner. Your success is determined by how well you can sell yourself, which comes down to how presentable and appealing your personality is. There are plenty of things making up someone’s character. How you dress up, how you talk and how you treat others are all reflections of your personality.

Some people may seem to be born with charming nature. If you feel like your character isn’t appealing enough, don’t worry there are ways to improve it. Read and master the following to develop a persona more attractive to others.

Be an attentive listener

In this loud world where everyone is talking, the need to be heard is often deprived. Every person wants to be heard, but no one is listening. You make yourself appealing once you start to listen. Taking time to listen makes people feel important and loved.

Many feel like they need to brag their achievements and tell everyone what they know so that people will like them. But the contrary is true; being with someone who constantly talks about himself is annoying. Have you ever liked someone because he speaks too much? I don’t think so.

How should you listen?

Let the person finish before replying. Never interrupt someone who is talking. Allow the person to explain himself fully even if you are tempted to say something immediately. You may nod in agreement but don’t interrupt. Avoid making facial expressions and gestures that are disruptive.

Listen to empathize, not necessarily to answer. People tend to form a reply even before the talking person is finished. This makes you less focused on understanding. You actually do not always need to have a response . Silence or a tap on the shoulder can be enough to make a person feel that he is understood.

Get rid of distractions. Keep your phone away while talking to someone. Dividing your attention makes someone feel like he is not important. Listen with your eyes and ears.

Always look presentable

Even before you start talking, people will start judging you based on how you look. Unless you can afford surgery, you cannot change your face. But there are still many options from which you can choose to look pleasing. Here are some ways to look presentable.

Have a good posture. Your posture speaks about your confidence. Do not slouch, keep your back straight and keep your chin up. Keep a good amount of eye contact when talking to someone.

Dress up neat and tidy. Invest in quality clothing. Keep your clothes neat and ironed. Dress appropriately.

Maintain good hygiene. Aside from looking clean, you also have to smell clean. Smelling bad is an automatic turn off. This is actually basic, but you have to take hygiene seriously if you want to please people.

Have a good sense of humor

Start by practicing to have a good laugh at yourself when you make mistakes. Everyone likes a person who can make them laugh. When you make someone laugh, you instantly make yourself likable.

If you are not born a comedian, you can still develop it. Learn from the masters of humor. Listen to your friends who are gifted with this talent and try to emulate them. Practice it starting from your closest friends. But remember not to make a joke which may be offensive to others.

Learn to Like and Love Yourself

It will be almost impossible to make others like you when you don’t even like yourself. Love yourself first. Learn to appreciate the good qualities you have and learn to accept your flaws. This way, it will be easier for you to see the good in others and to forgive them for their mistakes.

Be contented with what you have and avoid comparing yourself with others. Being envious of others hinders you from liking them, or them liking you back. If you see something from others which you do not have, be inspired instead of envious. Make a way for you to achieve it too, but if you can’t, learn to put up with it.

Spread positivity

Do not be the one who always complains. No one finds frequent ranting attractive. Be optimistic and share your optimism to those around you. Start the good vibes by putting a smile on your face. Smiling instantly make you attractive and likable. Do not fake it though, smile with your soul not only your face.

Be the one who finds the good in every situation. Be the one who lightens the mood. Be the person everyone wants to hang out with by maintaining a positive disposition.

Author Bio: My name is Alicia Honeycutt. I am a life coach and a writer at Essaydot. I love reading psychological books, travelling and exploring new places.


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