5 Small Things Successful People Do Everyday

Small things that successful people do

Let’s face it! Failure is considered to be more public than success; it depends on you, whether you make it a dead end or a comeback story.  People make excuses. Most of them simply give up. But, do you know what winners do? They wait for that one moment when everybody else in the competition quit. The only way you can consider it your failure is when you surrender. If you keep pushing, you will eventually get there! That’s the mantra of successful people, but there are other things too that almost all successful people do daily. Let’s have a look at them.

Face failures

We all encounter failure, so do the successful people. They are not superhuman! They understand that failure is evident, but they don’t let it stop them from trying. The most successful people are not afraid of failure; even in the most miserable fiasco, they look for the silver lining.

When you feel a bit off after a face-off with failure, remember that your determination is far greater than the loss you have experienced and at least you are not going to fail in the same way the second time. Once you believe in your capabilities to overcome adversities, you can will yourself to turn a catastrophe into your success story.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison

Focus dedicatedly on one thing at a time

When juggling many balls every day, people get satisfied that they have given 20% of their attention to all tasks, but they don’t realize that none of their task has got their 100% concentration. Ultra-productive people are utterly focused on their most important goal. When we multitask different things, we do an average job of everything. (Click to tweet)

“To do two things at once is to do neither.” – Publilius Syrus

List down your goals and determine that one goal that is the most important. Dedicated your 1-2 hours every morning on that goal, without any distractions. Afterward, contemplate how much you attained in those hours and amaze yourself!

Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) proclaimed “focus on one thing at one time” as one of the core principles of Steve Jobs that are instilled in the company. He said: “It’s easy to add… it’s hard to stay focused”.  “And so the hardest decisions we make are all the things not to work on”, he further added.

Carry a notebook

Behind every successful man, there is a notebook! We know a bunch of the most effective and successful people who use non-digital solutions to navigate this hyper-connected society. Mark Parker. Nike’s CEO, always have his Moleskine notebook around at every meeting he attends. He uses the notebook to brainstorm, doodle, and pen down new ideas, designs and concepts before they fade away.

Aristotle Onassis, the renowned Greek shipping tycoon, also claimed his notebook to be an essential gear for the business. In his words, “Always carry a notebook. Write everything down. When you have an idea, write it down.”

It is quite sarcastic to see the hardcore technology executives driving value from pen and paper. One of them is Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook; his spiral-bound notebook is his full-time companion. Justin Rosenstein, the Asana co-founder, suggests pen and paper as the best possible tool to generate big ideas.

Have family and “me” time

Clara Shih, the CEO of Hearsay Social takes a business card everywhere that prompts her to a break from her work. She says, “It’s truly incredible how easily we can forget the most important things, like drinking a glass of water or taking a breath.”

slow down take a deep breath

Highly successful people understand that they can make money again and again, but health, family, and well-being are the things that are impossible to reacquire once lost.

Life needs a balance. No equation of Mathematics is complete without the “=” sign; you need to keep both sides equal. Similarly, to stay successful in professional and personal life you need to maintain work life balance. That’s how everything works!

Don’t let others waste your time

It is one of the most common practices of thriving people. You’ll never see them having unproductive meetings, social events or appointments. Many professionals believe that most of the times, meetings are called upon to discuss “not-so-important’ issues that can be discussed via time-saving emails.

Agree! They were able to avoid meetings because they were successful, yet the central idea here is to stop wasting time, whether it’s yours or others.


To wrap up

To follow these tips, you do not need to be an entrepreneur, a billionaire or an Olympian. These secret guidelines can help you to accrue your productivity and prevent the feeling of being overworked and enervated.

Agree! Success is never certain. It goes without saying that the results may vary from person to person, yet following productive tips, secret and hacks suggested by already successful people can make a difference!

Alice Watson guest postAlice Watson is a creative writer; she works at ChatOutsource. Alice loves researching new trends and share them in her writing pieces. A writer by day and a party animal by night. Alice holds a dual degree in Creative Writing and Marketing. Email Alice or follow her on Twitter.


  1. Hello Alice,

    Amazing informative post over here 🙂

    I loved you post!!!! Its been a wonderful journey reading through out these meaningful and real post. One worst thing about me, i cant focus what ever i do and that the main reasons for my failure, but i keep trying hard on it to fix it out from these. I scared all the way to my entire life till now.

    These list are very natural and effective to me and love to be go on these path to my entire life and, i think after these i’ll able to find susses. Eventual i dint regret to my self how i was in past before it. We all seek for the susses in life but few achieve and rest still working on it.

    Thanks for share


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