5 Tips to Save You From Giving Up on Your Dreams

man considers giving up on his dreams

What happens when you have that sudden realisation that you’re light years away from your ultimate life?

You know… That moment when you start doubting yourself. You stop believing in your dreams as they seem the furthest they’ve ever been before. You stop thinking that anything is possible, and you give yourself a harsh dose of reality.

You stop reading self-help books. You can’t possibly bear to see yet another ‘inspirational quote’ in your Instagram timeline. You once had great hopes, but you now declare your life as mediocre. Things can’t really improve.

If you’ve fallen into this mindset, then it probably feels almost impossible to turn things around. Let me tell you that what you’re feeling isn’t actually reality. It’s only your version of reality, and you change shape and change this at your will. How? Let me share with you five tips to help you get your mindset in the right place.

1. Audit Your Thoughts

lovingly accept yourself

Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others? Do you wonder why you’re not a successful as people around you, or perhaps people you look up to? Do you give yourself a hard time, and beat yourself up about this? Are you locked into self-talk that constantly looks for a reason why you aren’t good enough? Here’s the deal. If you let this mindset take over, it will.

Why Your Mind Works Like a Bank

What if I told you that your mind worked just like a bank? Every day we review our mind’s balance sheet. At the end of the day, we either add positive new thoughts and feelings or subtract with negative ones.

When the thought bank balance is low, it’s hard to instantly feel on top of the world. That would be like trying to go buy a brand new car without having the money in the bank. You’ll soon get declined! Over time, you can save your money toward a new car. Once you can afford it, the process runs smoothly. Your mind works exactly the same.

Therefore, it’s impossible to feel on top of the world for any extended period of time if your thought bank balance is low. That’s why you need to be practical. The minute you try too hard to be positive, your negative balance will drag you down.

The secret is to pay attention of the dominant thoughts that you have on a regular basis. How many of them tell yourself that you’re doing a good job? How many are self-loathing? Keep a journal, and you’ll see some interesting results. Once you have an awareness of your dominant thoughts, you can setup a budget for your mind. This means you can have more control, more say about the types of thoughts that get added to the bank.

Question your thoughts and feelings. If you see yourself with a negative, fear-based thought, ask yourself how it serves you? If it doesn’t, then you have a right to disregard it! Audit your thoughts and learn to add more love to the mind bank.

2. Discover Your Hidden Successes

success go get it

Why do we give up? Why do we stop doing something after we’ve set a plan in motion? Why do we sometimes get so close, but never reach the finish line?

It’s because we don’t see enough visable success. Without sufficient success, you’ll start to lack motivation. When you’re void of all motivation, then you’ll do nothing. It’s as simple as that!

So if you want to fast track your success, start looking for small achievements. Pay particular attention to the things you’ve accomplished. Celebrate them if you can. Set up small goals and reward yourself.

You’ll only reach success if you can see success. Success happens in increments. If you see and celebrate success, you’ll find the motivation to keep moving toward the next great achievement.

3. Develop Manageable Action Plan

develop action planIf you’re a dreamer or a visionary, I praise you for having great ideas and visions for this world. We need more people like you and I. Saying that there is a downside.

When these visions seem far too out of reach, we give up. Like I mention above, you can only reach success if you can see it. If the vision is so far away from where you are right now, you’re going to have one hell of a time in trying to stay motivated.

So what can you do to help you accomplish smaller achievements? The secret is to develop a manageable action plan. This plan should not only outline your grand vision and highlight your values, but it should also break this down into smaller steps.

So if your grand plan is going to take a decade to get there, start with your goals for the next year, the next month and the next few days. Break them down into a manageable task list and add realistic timeframes to them. Referring to this often and it will help you not only keep a track of all of your small accomplishments, but you’ll also increase your productivity and accountability.

4. Challenge Your Beliefs

baby grows up with belief system from parents

We all see the world in a particular way. As children, we learn the basics on how to function as a human being. We are taught how to respond in order to survive in our environment.

But what if our beliefs aren’t rational or beneficial? If you carry a memory from a childhood experience that impacted you in a negative way, you’re belief around the particular subject will likely be negative. Many people carry negative core beliefs from childhood right through to old age. Most of the time we aren’t even aware of it. They are subconscious.

What’s the best way to bring about positive lasting change? Challenge your beliefs! Make note of when your beliefs rise to the surface. It might be a simple observation. A question to yourself ‘whenever this happens, why do I automatically do that!’. Record it, make note of it and then challenge it! If your belief doesn’t support your continual positive growth and development, maybe it’s time to get rid of some old beliefs and replace them with a few new ones! It’s almost as easy as shopping for new clothes… Well almost 😉

5. Change It Up

clean and tidy office space

One of the easiest solutions to helping you get your mindset back on track is to change up your environment. This can translate to a number of things you can do, including:

  • Get rid of unnecessary rubbish and junk that makes you feel down, depressed or overwhelmed.
  • Simply and organise your life so that you can stay focused on what really matters.
  • Brighten up, add colour or inspirational messages, upbeat music and positive reminders around you.
  • Change your environment completely, find a new home or workplace that inspires you.
  • Meet new people who are in alignment with your goals and visions.

Ultimately, life is what you make it. You have control of your mind, even if at first glance it appears to control you. You can change everything around you, from your physical environment to your mental state. You can takeback control of you mind by remembering that it works just like a bank. Add more positive thoughts and you’ll get compound interest. Create a manageable and realistic action plan, and celebrate little successes often. Before you know it, your big dreams will be much closer than you think!


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