5 Traits to Become an Effective Team Leader

effective leadership

Strong team leaders are important for every company: they are always there when a team encounters difficulties, they’re able to face challenges and are difficult to replace. The truth is, leadership starts at all levels. If you’re an employee, demonstrating leadership qualities will get you noticed. If you’re an entrepreneur, leadership skills will help you brand yourself as a leader in your marketplace. You aren’t born with leadership skills, they are learned. The best way to learn these skills is to first understand the common traits shared amongst effective team leaders, which is what I’m going to share with you today.

In this article, I’m sharing with you the five traits to become an effective team leader.


Everybody likes reliable people – those, who keep their promises, complete all given tasks, give proper instructions and do everything on time. If you want to be accepted both by your team and management, you have to demonstrate you can be trusted. Being reliable for a period of time is not enough: this has to become part of your identity.



This doesn’t mean you have to be running around talking to everyone all the time. However, you need to always be open to answering questions and sharing your ideas and perspectives with a team. You also have to be open and willing to assist your team: share valuable information or give advice if you’re more experienced in something – this way you’ll gain their trust and establish good relationships. If a team member asks for your help, be a leader and try to help them or at least find someone else who can – this way your team will know that they can rely on you.


You have to really enjoy your work and to be committed to it. This doesn’t mean that you have to practically live in the office: no, simply finding ways to make your work more effective is enough. If you are motivated and have a lot of enthusiasm, this will most likely encourage your team to do their best too. If you’re struggling with your level of commitment, maybe it’s time to reassess what you really enjoy doing!



Being a strong team leader means being able to adapt. Even best teams have their own conflicts and different opinions and constantly face various problems. You have to learn how to face challenging situations well and listen to other’s opinions (and change your point of view if necessary). This will help you not only to become a stronger team leader, but also to avoid a lot of stress.


You have to inspire others and to do so, you have to be inspired yourself. Don’t try looking too cheerful and excited if you aren’t this type of person: just avoid being passive. Care about your team and your work: believe me, this will be enough.

To sum up, a true leader needs to possess multiple qualities in order to manage a team effectively, build professional relationships and ace complicated projects. Since every person is different, we touched on some general qualities for a top-notch leader, which you can start to develop in your everyday life.

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