7 Habits of People Who Generate Great Ideas


If you’re one among the people who thinks little of themselves, it’s time to find a new perspective. Putting yourself down for not thinking like Mark Zuckerberg or any other prominent figures who seem to makeshift an “idea factory” is like comparing yourself to another you—but a better version.

Remember, these people who seem to have an unlimited supply of great and innovative ideas were once in a similar situation as you. Only whenever they find a problem, they seek and eventually present solutions. They come up with these cool ideas in unexpected places and under unexpected circumstances.

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The same people have also managed to form habits that help keep their creative juices flowing. Unwrap your mind from its box and exercise your creative process, and soon you’ll generate great ideas. In this post, we are going to explore the seven habits of people who generate great ideas.

They start from scratch.

They scrap everything that already exists and pretend that none of it exists yet. Then they start developing such and such ideas. Great minds think alike, yes. But rather than improve on something, they pretend no such things exists yet and start there.

To be original doesn’t mean you need to be the one to think of it first. You only need to be the one you makes it possible and happen. You don’t want to make a product better, you want it to behave differently that the other and make it a superior product.

They experience new things.

As much as you like to try new foods, experience dining at new restaurants, visit different places, you wouldn’t know what inspiration is waiting for you until you try.

So if you notice yourself falling into the same routine, try to spice things up and who knows what big idea you come up with. Ideas are sparked through the whole process and doesn’t just come along without you doing anything. These ideas are waiting to be found and manifested. Look for them.

They have a “Yes” mindset.

This doesn’t mean they refuse to say no, this just means they are brave enough to try and say yes to every possibilities and opportunities that when calculated, can contribute to their thought and the whole process of generation as well.

They are risk-takers.

Courage takes you a long way up till you reach your goal. One thing that separates those who are innovative from others is that they aren’t afraid to fail and are determined to keep on trying.

It isn’t the abilities and ideas alone that make them special. For all we know someone matches the same skillset they do and have similar ideas but these people with great minds are courageous enough to take a risk and bet on their ideas. They aren’t concerned with challenging the status quo.

They continue to find internal motivation.

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People with great minds are constantly motivated, determined, persistent, interested, and excited to every challenge that they face. They are not working due to pressure, they are working because of their personal challenges and desire to succeed.

If you’re working for the wrong reasons, stop it. You should find what you’re good at and what you love, and that’s what you should do in order for you to love what you do. When you figure this out, you’ll find that internal motivation flowing endlessly.

They ask, read and research.

These people are always curious and up-to-date with their respected industries. If you think you’re stuck in a rut, reset and exercise your mind.

Watch TED talks, pick up a book, research more on your experiment or project and let the whole process relax and work your mind. Let it inspire you to create something new and different. Let it rekindle the fire inside you.

They take a break.

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Who doesn’t get tired and worn out after long hours and days of hard work? And spending hours, or days even, only to come up with a still blank page can be truly disappointing and burn you out.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t hesitate to take a break. Get up, walk outside or around your neighborhood or do something different that will exercise your mind and keep your head away from your project. You’ll never know when the idea sparks up and surely it won’t appear when you’re just staring at a blank screen.

What other habits do you think helps in coming up with great ideas and exercising your mind? Let us know!


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