7 Tips To Position Yourself for Promotion at Work

set smart goals

There are two approaches to becoming wealthy that must be tackled in unison if you are to be successful. The first is to maximize what you earn, and the second is to save and invest as much as you can.

In this article, we’re going to focus on the first aspect, that of maximizing your earnings potential. Specifically, we’re going to take a look at 7 tips you can use to make yourself stand out from the crowd in the workplace, to position yourself for promotion.

#1: Look the part

Man adjusting tie looking smart

Many workplaces today have no dress code and allow employees to wear whatever they want. That’s all very well, but what message does it send if you turn up each day looking dishevelled and scruffy?

Does it say I’m ready for a promotion? Definitely not! If you want to get ahead then take a look at how the successful people in your organization are dressed and copy their style. Every organization is different which is why it’s important to use your judgement to determine what is appropriate.

#2: Learn how to give an awesome presentation

give presentations

When it comes to giving presentations, most people think really carefully about the content of their presentation to ensure it contains the right facts and accurate information.

But most people don’t really think about their audience. The best presentations take the audience on a captivating journey. One where the audience is interested and paying attention from start to finish.

It isn’t some fluke that the best speakers do this. There are tools out there that can help you structure a speech to keep your audience in mind. One such tool is Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. Learn it and then use it. It will drastically improve the quality of your presentations. You can read more about Monroe’s Motivated Sequence at EPM.

#3: Invest in yourself

invest in yourself

Read business books and the autobiographies of business people. Don’t think of this cost as money you’re throwing away. Instead, think of it as an investment into your future career.

The more you understand about business, the more likely that the ideas you suggest in the workplace will be better than your peers, helping you to stand out from the crowd.

#4: Set realistic goals

set smart goals

It’s all very well wanting to be the CEO, but is it realistic? Even if you follow all of these tips it might take a couple of years to get promoted. So how do you stop yourself from getting disheartened?

The answer is to set goals in bite-sized chunks. This keeps your goals both realistic and achievable. For example, if you want to be the CEO but you know you’re no good with figures, how about taking a course on understanding company accounts. At the end of the course you’re still not going to be CEO but a least you’re equipping yourself with the tools you need to take on the job when the time comes.

#5: Be proactive

be proactive

If you want to get ahead then you have to show people that’s what you want. You can do this by being proactive. Put your hand up to take on new initiatives and projects when the opportunity presents itself.

When it comes around to promotion time then you want to be the first name that comes to mind. Being proactive is a great way to achieve this.

#6: Be professional

All offices contain gossip of one form or another. It’s fine to engage in gossip for the purposes of learning what’s happening in the office, but never, ever, badmouth anyone. If you speak ill of someone then this can very easily come back to haunt you.

This applies even to those people ranked below you – you never know, they may be your boss one day.

#7: Hold great meetings

hold great meetings

Billions of dollars are wasted globally worldwide each week through pointless meetings. Don’t let this be you. Always have an agenda and stick to it.

Just this simple act of having an agenda and sticking to it will make you stand out from 80% of people in the modern workplace. By building a reputation as someone who holds purposeful meetings you’ll be surprised how motivated people will be to attend your meetings.


As well as saving and investing, people who want to increase their wealth need to maximize their career chances. The tips presented in this article can help you to do just that.

They may sound straightforward, but by doing them you’ll increase your business knowledge, be proactive, give great presentations, and stand out from the crowd in the office.


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