Three Keys to Developing Your Flexible Life Plan

Three Keys to Developing Your Flexible Life Plan

Setting goals creates motivation, and motivation creates action. Fearlessly following your dreams—whatever they may be—becomes easier when you are driven, adaptable, and positive. Having something to work toward puts you right where all the action is, which is essentially a goldmine of opportunity. You should always keep your end-goal within sight, but also remember to stay open-minded.

The perfect path for you is probably not what you thought it would be. Or maybe the path to your dream reality wasn’t so obvious after all. Remain adaptable while maintaining your momentum, and new opportunities will arise.

1. Allowing Flexibility

Being flexible in life means living intentionally and with direction, yet allowing yourself the freedom to explore new possibilities. All the goals you intend to achieve are exactly what brings forth opportunities in the first place. Without goals and intention, you are just waiting for life to find you. Be aware that there is a difference between working toward a goal and being stuck in a rut. Don’t let that happen!

2. Inviting Spontaneity

It’s easy to get sucked into a life of routine comfort, and mistake it for enrichment. But, you can’t deny that there’s something extremely sexy about spontaneity. Predicting the perfect opportunity is impossible, but when it finally shows up, beckoning you to abandon your plans and routines to embrace the unknown, you should give into the temptation. Even if you have the most perfect, efficient, and foolproof success plan already.

Your next perfect life could be something you never imagined before. The catch is you may never have the chance to find out if you don’t already have an outline of what you’re doing. An effective, flexible life plan steers you in the direction you know you want to go, but keeps ends loose.

3. Structuring Your Success

As you age, your desires are bound to change and evolve, so planning a future could be difficult. And for some people—like myself—who love structure, planning is necessary to keep the peace. The further into the future my calendar goes, the better. Of course, things don’t always turn out as I’d expected. But occasionally things seamlessly work out exactly as I had planned them. Either way, I strive to be adaptable and positive no matter where life ends up taking me. I find I enjoy life more and feel happier when I live that way.

Sometimes, certain events have a lasting impression on us, which could result in our life plan adjusting. And being okay with those adjustments affects how well you live and how much you grow. Everything relies on your state of mind and how you respond to life’s curve balls.

Setting goals is the best way to create special, unique opportunities for yourself. As long as you’re adaptable while maintaining direction, you’ll soon enjoy the fruits of your labor. Finally, don’t be afraid to embrace your spontaneous side whenever you get the chance, that way you will always be the most interesting character in your story.


  1. Thanks for the inspiring and helpful post! Loved your advice on being spontaneous. I agree that sticking to your goals and working hard to achieve them is a good choice, but we have to keep our eyes open and allow opportunity and risk come into our road towards success. Some of the richest and most successful people nowadays have probably achieved what they achieved only because they took advantage of those opportunities.

    On my website for students I’ve also talked about achieving goals in one of the posts, and what I’d like to add is that everything works out better if you write down your goals and progress. They say if the goals are on paper – it’s the first step towards them. You’ve cleared your head and now you can get down to actual work. What also helps is dividing your work into digestible chunks – that way you won’t be overwhelmed and will have more motivation.


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