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Joel: Welcome to the Mindset2Millions podcast, I’m your Host, Joel Annesley – and today’s topic is meditation. Mindset2millions is based on the concept that without developing right mindset, finding confidence in yourself, finding success is a very difficult game. One of the greatest tools at your disposal is meditation. It’s something that has been practiced since the birth of humanity – many of us know just valuable it is but yet we still struggle to find time to practise and we get challenged by our monkey mind and give up because it all feels too hard.

I recently was introduced to a meditation program, called SyncTuition, which is really changing the meditative experience – the focus being on the secret of discovering our natural intuition.

Which is why I’m really excited to introduce our guests on the show. They live and breathe personal development, meditation and are really genuine guys – Allan and Romet.

Allan, nicknamed Mr. Jeeves, is the technical architect behind Synctuition. his technological know-how and people-skills to find the right people all around the world to make Synctuition a reality. Allan has a technical background in musical sound wave optimization and he’s skilled in psychology, neurology and human behavior.

Romet is a personal development enthusiast, speaker and Synctuition Ambassador. He believes that all the answers to an abundant and happy life can be found within us. Romet joined the team because he believes that Synctuition is a very powerful and efficient tool for achieving these goals through a journey of self-discovery.

So let’s start with Allan, I’d love to know about how this SyncTuition journey started?

Allan: Yes gladly. Hi! My journey with SyncTuition has been one hell of a ride. I mean we started off 10 years ago already with nothing but a dream to create something that would help people. And our initial idea was actually to make a movie about happiness.

We thought that it would be helpful, useful to people if we could just convey some of the stuff that we’ve learned in life about how to be happy about how to find your own way. About how to trust yourself and how to avoid the doubts of others. And we thought the movie would be the best vehicle for achieving that.

But soon we realized that it would be just another fill which has a message but it would kind of get lost and people would perhaps find inspiration for a day, for a week and then it would fade away so it soon dawned on us that the perfect solution would be to create a tool, to create an instrument that everybody could use and that would actually give results that would last a lifetime. That this would be a tool that you can use anywhere in the world. You don’t have to book any times to seminars.

You don’t have to physically go anywhere. It basically brings the experience right to your computer or your mobile device. So as we as we searched and as we were looking we soon discovered an amazing technology called binaural beats based on sound waves and it works beautifully. There has been a lot of research into binaural beats the concept itself is not new but the question is the specific setup of the sound how to make it as best as possible.

And in our opinion, the full potential all had not been realized by that time. So we started looking into that and that we discovered the gamma wave.

And amazing recording technology called 3-D audio which sounds so amazingly real that you actually just have to hear it in order to believe it. It’s quite impossible to describe in words. It’s like copy-pasting an environment somewhere in the jungle for instance and putting this environment into your living room. It’s absolutely crazy.

Joel: Haven’t experienced this myself, the first time I tuned in, I thought ‘where am I, what’s going on? This is this is incredible!’.

Allan: You really get lost in the moment.

Joel: Yeah. Yeah. Very much so. Yes. It’s obviously been quite a journey and I like the fact that.

You mention you know initially you wanted how could you create a movie. But the idea being that a movie only has a short-term impact. Right. You know you can only inspire people for a short time.

But creating this product this is something that people can use on a daily basis and to get some really lasting results so I see that as a really beneficial thing.

But what stood out for me was this idea of being able to get beyond the standard meditation product and being able to really get in touch with our inner intuition and bring all these really cool tools and technologies together.

So that’s that’s really I’m really inspired by what you guys have been able to put together.

So yeah maybe maybe maybe will now love to hear a little bit from Romit. Was it fairly recently you joined the team, or have you been with the team for a while?

Romet: Hi Joel. So the journey began I guess in the beginning of the year and I had thought about it and I would like to be part of something big but, I just let that thought to the universe and then I one corporate training. And then I was also talking about being a great fan of mindfulness and binaural beats for years already. But then I was talking about them and there was a guy who said ‘I need to talk to you’. And then that guy shared with me SyncTuition. And then through this guy I got to know these guys and I was really blown away also when I pressed the play button then heard the quality of SyncTuition I was also like ‘wow what a product and what it can do’. And then I got know these guys, and so the journey began. And it was the beginning of this year.

Joel: Yeah. And then from there you said ‘I’ve got to be part of this’

Romet: Exactly.

Joel: So just getting more of a sense of what really blew me away was just how much is going into the development of what you created.

I had a look at your Website and you know you’ve gone to so much detail to capture the essence of many different environments and to be able to replicate that in the 3-D sounds that blew me away because it’s almost like stepping into a cinema and really having that immersive experience but being able to tune in whenever you want. Tell me how you got to the point of producing what you have today. How how was that journey and maybe some of the struggles that maybe you face along the way.

I’m really keen to know you know more about the story?

Allan: Definitely, and what a story it has been. What we started out with 3-D audio, the technology didn’t even exist back then. We knew that we wanted to do an audio product that is absolutely at the next level in terms of sounding real but the standard stereo recording, this just didn’t cut it.

So we started looking into other options. When we came across this thing called binaural 3-D recording and it uses special microphones, special software special recording systems in order to create this absolutely surreal sounding 3-D experience that you can hear through any stereo headphones.

So basically when we heard the first recording, the first test where we actually had the system assembled and we knew that we had the readiness and this recording was done on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. And when we put on the headphones that basically it was like mentally the champagne bottles popped. We knew at that moment that we had something very special in our hands that day this half hour walk along the street stepping into a few restaurants and just capturing the noise of the city. This was absolutely repeated with only the headphones. And if you closed your eyes then you could relive that moment again. So this was truly amazing. And at that point we just let our imagination run wild that all the possible options of what we can do with this just began to dawn on us and basically with SyncTuition, we realized every possible avenue our imagination produced.

So the sound journeys, they are composed in a way to actually take you on a journey of your life. So that’s an amazing feeling.

Joel: And I understand that you’ve broken it down into… I mean there’s a number of different levels but there’s also a number of different themes, as you progress throughout. I would love to know a little bit about you know maybe some interesting experiences that you had along the journey of you know finding the right location to record, maybe some some interesting story along the way of filming all this, is there anything that kind of springs to mind?

Allan: There’s a lot of stuff to choose from. Yeah. When starting out with a project like that, I mean you have an idea of what cool sounds are. And we’ve all heard them in nature. But then you have the practical challenge of how to capture that with a recording device. For instance, sounds that happen underwater, sounds that are involved with running water. Like OK you have a waterfall but the microphone is not water resistant.

So how do you create an enclosure or how do you protect the microphone. How do you place it near the water source. It can move around and you can actually capture the sound that you want. Or for instance when recording animal sounds, we’ve all seen National Geographic documentaries that there’s a lion conveniently in the frame doing something like an actor when you actually take your Jeep and you go on a safari and you hold the microphone, well, the sad reality is that nothing happens. So how do you make that happen? So there were a lot of practical problems which needed some clever solutions. So it was kind of like inventing it as we went along. But actually my favorite part of the entire process was when we did the live musical recordings with the artists because in addition to the nature sounds and depth and the cool 3-D sounds that SyncTuition has, SyncTuition is also a feature with a beautiful musical composition that was actually recorded in studios by live artists who made the tracks and the music through improvisation.

So nothing in this track is rehearsed or synthetic. Everything just flowed naturally. We did a lot of preparation so the recording itself was done like a meditation. We lit candles. We made the room extremely cozy so it didn’t look like a recording studio at all, we just let the energy flow. So every note which is played in SyncTuition, that actually comes from the soul and being a part of the recording actually having witnessed it, well it was a very special feeling on how this music just came to be. So that was nice.

Joel: Yeah that’s quite amazing because essentially you’ve approached this whole project from the real authentic soul place. You know essentially you’ve gotten in touch with your own inner intuition to bring this out to the world. And and I think that’s something quite beautiful and I think it comes across in the product.

Not only do you have the effect of the meditation but you can really get a sense of the feeling and the work that’s gone into developing. So I really really think that has actually translated which is which is really really cool.

Allan: Glad to hear that.

So far we’ve covered what is SyncTuition and what has gone into it to make it happen. It would be good to talk about some of the benefits, why, why we should tune into SyncTuition and how it can make a difference. For example, 20 minutes from your day might not seem like a long time, in actual fact we need to give up something else for 20 min. The key here is that we need to make a commitment and dedicate our time towards meditation. I would like to know how SyncTuition can benefit others going through the program to get in touch with our inner intuition?

Allan: Getting in touch with our inner intuition and really listening to yourself.

This has been a part of Eastern philosophy and an ancient wisdom for ages and smart people have always known this to be true to invest time into yourself to actually listen to yourself and get in touch with that inner feeling.

So I would say that the benefits that going through such a program can offer far outweigh the 20 minutes which which which people need to commit and finding 20 minutes per day. It’s. Well usually they say the time is lost time is something we make up a track right. But actually there is a lot of time during the day. It’s just knowing how to release that time because we have time for other activities that are not work-related that are not family related and so on. So I would say that actually finding 20 minutes for meditation is a question which boils down to a simple decision. Whether I want to do it, whether I don’t want to do it. And once you start then it’s very simple. Now the problem is, to find this tranquillity of mind when you’re meditating and as you start this can be a huge challenge because in order to quiet your own thoughts, well you have to be a master and at first when meditating, the first minute that it sounds impossible. You’re wondering why the hell am I doing this? But as you go along, eventually you get better at it and then you can meditate.

What SyncTuition is doing is helping you to calm your mind to take you away from the moment and give you this tranquility of mind from the very first minute. So starting with SyncTuition meditation is not such a cold shower in the beginning you are already years ahead before you even start. So that makes this 20 minute commitment much easier than just starting meditation. So this is basically a huge time saver in a day.

Romet: And what I would like to add here is that SyncTuition makes meditation really easy because this beautiful soundscape gives to our monkey mind something to go because otherwise if you’re just meditate in the quiet then it just needs to focus on the breath or body sensations. But this is not that easy. I think people who have done it, understand it, but if you listen to SyncTuition then it’s so much easier when you put your attention to the music and then your mind is quiet. And what I also would like add about this (point) on ‘how to find the time’, is that many people listen to SyncTuition before they go to bed. So it just switches off the mind from the daily worries and also the gamma waves makes your sleep much better. Many people have reported that they have this sleep tracker and after listening to Synctuition that their deep sleep has increased. So that’s a really big advantage. Also, my friend yesterday we had a discussion about it also talking about the experience he has been maintaining also in the usual way focusing on breath and then he said that you’re listening to SyncTuition is so easy that you just go into the music and you don’t need to do anything.

Joel: I am I can really relate to what you just mentioned there, this whole idea of having a monkey mind and especially for people who are quite new to meditation, it also has been described to me as like a naughty puppy dog.

The mind likes to misbehave. To try to and step into deep meditation without any sort of help or guide.

It’s kind of like doing it cold turkey, it’s just too difficult, right? Because the mind is going out of control and I think we give up because we kind of feel like it’s not working. I can really relate to that. One thing I really like about the program is that you start up with the beautiful relaxing voice and it was quite something when I first started, was this voice you know just whispering into your ears ‘relax, relax’.

It’s like the person is, you can hear the voice in one ear and then just gently moving in your environment. And that was so calming, I’m thinking ‘oh wow!’, that was really cool.

I think the way you guys have structured the program and you introduce the journey. I think really helps to overcome that naughty puppy or monkey mind. So that’s really cool.

I like what you just mentioned before about the idea of helping with sleep. And I’d like to maybe go into a little bit more detail on,

Allan you might be able to help out here, this idea of the power of the binural beats. So we’ve really touched on the 3-D technology I think. I think we’re kind of getting a sense of how it works and it just blew me away. But this idea of incorporating the binural beats. I know it’s not a new concept but I do think it’s really worthwhile understanding why it’s important and really how it can maximize the meditative practice of the benefit that we can get from it all.

Allan: Sure. Everything that we do in life has to have some sort of a benefit, mostly, so does meditation. Problem is that people usually underestimate and can’t even imagine what the real benefits of meditation are.

And while meditating actually you can do much more than just meditate. I’m talking about the power of binaural beats. It is a technology that uses slightly different sound frequencies that are played to the left ear and to the right ear and as a result of that the brain, the two halves of the brain need to cooperate with one another in order to make sense of the signal. And while doing so they actually create a third tone that is basically only in your imagination to cope with that. The left and right brain hemisphere cooperation. This forces neurons to communicate with each other and this means that new connections are being made and these new connections between the left and the right side of the brain, these allow for these sort of ‘aha moments’ that create amazing creativity and these magnificent moments of clear thinking. And this is what we call intuition. Brains use and brains have things called brain waves that are practically the electro chemical activity of neurons and the brainwave activity is known to react to sound. And the brain can actually train itself or pick up on a sound frequency and change its oscillations according to that. So binaural beats have been proven to be the most effective sound wave in order to achieve that. And we know that more synchronicity more connectivity between the left and the right side of the brain equals more creativity equals better ideas equals more confidence.

And so on. We’ve even known that great thinkers like Albert Einstein had a naturally high amount of connections between the two brain hemispheres. So probably this resulted in some of their genius. Binaural beats is the technology to do that. Now usually the binaural programs they go slower they go from beta which is the brainwave state we are in during the day and our waking moment.

They slow you down into alpha theta and even Delta. But SyncTuition is different because it goes from Beta. It goes higher it goes to gamma and gamma is the brainwave state that is experienced by the best long-term meditators in the world. It is a condition that is very difficult to achieve on your own going cold turkey. You need decades for that. But SyncTuition is binaural beat program that can take you there with a sound wave. So this is a super exciting feature with SyncTuition because there are no other programs out there that can do the same and the binaural gamma wave which is actually when you listen to it in raw format it’s just noise and it’s pretty uncomfortable to listen to. But the greatest challenge with SyncTuition was, how would you create this cool sounding audio journey that would absolutely mask and cancel out the noise of the raw gamma that is seamlessly integrated into the music so that you don’t hear it but it still has the effect. So every track and then the voices the sounds everything was eventually mixed together in a way that it would cover this gamma sound completely.

So when you’re listening to it, it doesn’t sound like a binaural beat program. It sounds like like a 3D movie that is playing in your head.

Romet: You only hear this gamma wave in the end of the journey, a little bit.

Allan: That’s right.

Joel: And I believe say you’ve introduced the element of personalising program where you could add in your voice.

Tell us a little bit about how that works?

Allan: Well, our mission was to create a product that works. And we went through every sound technology every possible way on how to make the tracks so that they would have the best impact that they would that they would open you up for for something greater for receiving the effect that it has. And in psychology, well it’s a known fact that the voice you listen to is your own.

So you always listen to yourself not only like in a metaphorical way but surprisingly in a practical way as well. So with SyncTuition we discovered that actually, every voice has a certain unique frequency that is actually very individual to each person. So with the voice personalization, we take certain key nuances and parameters of the person’s voice and then we adjust the frequency of the track accordingly. So this means that the change is actually it’s a subtle change in the frequency so you don’t have to worry you won’t hear your own voice within the track but it’s adapted according to your own personal voice frequencies.

Joel: And the really important point here is that a lot of what we tell ourselves is negative. So using our own voice for positive re-enforcement – is really powerful. Thank you guys for explaining what this is about. And I’m sure there’s a few listening in saying, I’ve just got to try this for myself… You guys have very kindly setup an offer to try out part of SyncTuition (click the link in the show notes), and I believe you guys have setup a pretty cool offer for anyone listening to the podcast?

Romet: So as you click the link then from there you will go to the SyncTuition webpage and then on the right corner. There, you can make a free sign up to experience the first three journeys for free. So with the first three journeys, you get the experience of what Allan was talking about and what we’re all talking about here. And after this if you feel that you would like to purchase the program then we also made the special offer and then check it out you can put it in the gift card called ‘mindset’. And then you get 50 US dollars discount. So yeah. But first just go to the web page and upper right corner. That’s a free sign up button and you can experience first three tracks for free and you can get a glimpse of what we’re talking about here.

Joel: That’s really cool. Thank you guys. I really appreciate the fact that you know you’ve given a special gift to people tuning in to this particular podcast. That’s really special and it really helps to share this gift and you know to give people the opportunity to really get a sense of what it’s all about it can help us get in touch with that inner intuition which is so easy to lose track of. So I think what you guys have created is just it’s such a beautiful product and I’m so pleased to have met you both and spoken to you both to share what it’s all about. So thank you guys for tuning into the show. It’s been it’s been such a great pleasure. And I just want to just to remind everyone go check out the link.

It will be in the night. Just try it for yourself.

That’s all you have to do. Give it a try and see if you get the same sort of benefit these guys and I have, from going through the program. So we might look at wrapping up before we do. Is there anything you guys wanted to, in closing, that you wanted to share with everyone about the product or your own journey or anything you wanted to share?

Allan: Well, any journey even a journey of 10000 miles begins with just one step.

So, it’s time to take that step.

Romet: What I would like to add, is that when we look outside, we are living in a crazy world in a western civilization.

We have relationships, jobs, everything, our minds are full of information.

We have Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, whatever. We don’t take time to watch into ourselves to listen to ourselves. We are just reacting to the external world. So this is just an easy tool to just get connection with yourself and what the world needs right now is the people who are connected with themselves, of course then you will find out what you really came here to do. And like what Allan said, it starts with a first step. So you just check it out and experience yourself.

Joel: That’s beautiful. Thanks once again guys. It’s been an awesome conversation. Let’s go check it out and experience the product for yourself.

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