Richard Branson is an inspiration, and it’s not just because he has built up a net worth of 5 billion. His goals aren’t just about making money; his philanthropic pursuits are a major focus in his life. He has smashed impossible goals, and today owns over 200 companies in over 30 countries.

Richard Branson’s Advice for Entrepreneurs

Branson shared three top tips for entrepreneurs as follows:

  • Understand the people business – Be a great listener and motivator. People are like flowers, if you water them they will flourish!
  • Don’t take no for an answer – Branson’s bank manager was ready to shut down Virgin if the loan wasn’t settled within two days. Branson didn’t accept this; he shut the door on the bank manager and rang around to find another bank who was able to loan the Virgin group 30 times more.
  • Learn how to delegate – The Virgin group runs without Branson because he gives his staff freedom to make their own choices.

What piece of advice is most helpful for you?


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