These Two Simple Words Will Change Your World

Two simple words change the way you see the world

Guest post by: Matt Newnham.

The cornerstones of making money, attracting more money, attracting the life you want and really bringing about external and internal happiness and overall contentment are two things that so many overlook.

Two simple words that carry two simple and what should be natural behaviours can change your life and your world completely. Two things that are so powerful and so natural that so many forget about them and feel they are above when they reach that first plateau of success. They reach that point, never apply the two simple actions and they remain stuck and cannot understand why.

Appreciation and Gratitude are simple things that every child is taught, or at least should be taught and yet as we get older and have things around us we tend to forget them both. We forget that we have the gift of life, good health, an income and so much more that we cease to be grateful for them. We do not appreciate the little things, sometimes we don’t even appreciate the bigger things, because they just happen or just are and again we take them for granted.

Unless you appreciate and have gratitude you will go no further than you are now. It is a fact. Inside your inner core is neither appreciative nor grateful, you may think you are but if you are not practicing either to the full then quite simply you are not. A thank you for even the slightest thing goes a long way, when you wake up your first words should be “Thank you”. Thank you for the good night’s sleep and thank you for new day ahead. Show both gratitude and appreciation and in an instant you are in a position to receive. Try it when you wake up to tomorrow, before you get up out of bed just say “thank you for a good night’s sleep and thank you for the new day” out loud and see just how awesome your day will be.

When you wake up and look around and look at your life you may not be where you dream about. The small 1 bedroom apartment in not the best part of town is where you are now but appreciate it, be grateful for it because there are countless millions who would take your place right now. But then be grateful for the place you will have, be grateful for the large house with the perfect garden and happy family and the freedom to live your life how you want to. It sounds crazy but unless you throw it out there it is not going to come back to you.


How to be Appreciative and be Grateful

Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for and that you appreciate. Write them down and read the list out loud every day and add to it every day. You will soon see that you have so much to appreciate and be grateful for. By doing this you place yourself in the place to receive more to be grateful for and appreciate. After 10 days of building up the list of what you have that you are grateful for and appreciate begin a list of your dreams that you are grateful for and appreciate and begins to see change as you read this out loud every day.

Two words, two actions and two emotions, Gratitude and Appreciation can and will change your life when applied daily with intention.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa Matt Newnham is a writer who has a cup that is always a little more than half full. Matt is passionate about life and success and his writing has earned him the title “The Master of Emotional Appeal” as he manages to find the true heart and human feeling of almost any subject. Matt is also the Author of the children’s book Space Ranger Fred and the Shoelace Adventure. Follow Matt on Twitter @MattNewnhamZA , on Facebook and on his website




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