How to Write a 5-Year Plan (Infographic)

set a 5 year plan

Many of us have a dream that has a low chance of coming true. Poor planning and lack of action lead to that. To make your dream happen, develop a detailed and time-specific 5-year plan. Why 5 years? It’s enough time to work on a complicated goal and yet not too long to start putting off the work.

The Essay Tigers team have created a tutorial on writing a 5-year life plan below. Check out the infographic and start following the steps.

First things first, make sure you have determined a goal that is important to you. If it’s not, problems with motivation will arise in the future. Lack of motivation will most definitely lead to your quitting.

The next step is grabbing a pen and sitting down to create a plan. Since you’ve already figured out what your goal is, divide it into smaller ones for each month and day. Write out the actions to achieve every small goal. Make sure the instructions are specific.

Now it’s time to draw a timeline for your plan. Set the deadlines and remember that they must be realistic. This is also the time to formulate the results. Make them measurable, and you’ll be able to evaluate your performance along the way.

All you have to do now is follow your plan. To maintain motivation and restore energy levels, take breaks and reward yourself frequently.

Most importantly, have fun working on your goals!

how_to_write_5_year_planStacey Wonder is a content marketing specialist at Essay Tigers. She enjoys creating helpful and fun infographics.


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